Le Parfum des Collines
At the heart of the Luberon nature park, away from watchful eyes, Le Parfum des Collines sits among fields of lavender and Mediterranean-scented scrubland, offering a restful, revitalising and indulgent escape.

Split between four stone buildings, with the main property dating back to the 16th century, three suites and two large bedrooms blend contemporary airs with authentic rustic materials, drawing you into a unique environment of comfort and refinement.

The swimming pool with panoramic view on the Luberon and relaxation room, with its hammam, spa and sauna, envelop you in a feeling of restfulness and serenity.

In the evening, you can bask in the heat of the fire, leaf through the pages of a book, or listen to music, while savouring one of the region's many wines.

Others prefer to end the evening around a pool table or relaxing on the terrace, comfortably ensconced in a club chair, enjoying a Cuban cigar.

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Adresse - Le Parfum des Collines
Le Parfum des Collines - Michèle and Sylvain VENE
Route de Saignon - D 48 - 84400 AURIBEAU
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